About Celtic Carnage Strongman

Celtic Carnage Strongman was officially launched on February 4th 2012 and is run and organised by Gibby Nutrition, a Carmarthen based Sports Supplements company.

At this event we had over 600 spectators througout the day. The competitors battled through the cold to be proven the strongest most powerful man of them all in what turned out to be an awesome opening event to the 2012 Strongman season.

Thanks to the success of our first event we have now been asked to organise Wales' Strongest Man in the summer of 2012.


Daniella Scozzi - Had an absolutely amazing day at CELTIC CARNAGE today!!! Loved every minute of it except the cold lol!! Thank you to everyone who was so so supportive!! Has re-ignited my passion for competitions - can't wait for all that is ahead this year!! xx

Ian Munro - Had a fantastic day yesterday at The Celtic Carnage Strongman day organised by Gibby Nutrition. Some big lifters there with 400kg deadlift! TBH This guys cooler bag with his grub in was bigger than my personal best deadlift! ;) Thanks for a great day.

Tony Jackman - Would like to thank Alex Gibby and the Celtic Carnage crew for putting on a top comp yesterday, Cheers guys.

Ross Stone - Celtic carnage was a great comp with some very good competitors. Had a good first comp back after injury only disapointed with yoke. Twinged my arm on the first stone so called it a day but happy to still place 5th overall.

James Smith - Wales is finally being put on the map for the quality strongman that live here :D

Gemma Thomas (Senior Account Manager at Radio Carmarthenshire and Scarlet FM) - A well attended and well organised event by Gibby Nutrition. And something 97.1 Radio Carmarthenshire were proud to be a part of. Great to have an event like this in the county and look forward to the next one! Every success in future events.