Welsh Strength and Power Weekend 2012

Come to Carmarthen and experience our Welsh Strength and Power Weekend on July 14th and 15th 2012. This event is going to be huge!

Kelvin Gardner doing a Silver Dollar Deadlift

Wales' Strongest Man - Saturday July 14th 2012

Doors open to the public at 10am

Get your tickets now!! Tickets Available via Ticketline UK

Events as follows:

  • Event 1: Citroen Nemo van deadlift, head to head, front bar, height to be announced, max reps.
  • Event 2: Super Yoke - 440kg over 20m, head to head.
  • Event 3: Axle clean and press, last man standing. 130kg opening weight.
  • Event 4: Frame carry - 350kg over 20m, head to head.
  • Event 5: Fire Engine pull - Handle and drag (weight of truck tbc) over 15m
  • Event 6: Atlas Stones - 115kg, 135kg, 155kg, 175kg, 205kg head-to-head.
  • This is a UK Strongest Man qualifier.

    16:30 - Interlude and tug of war with an outside bar and bbq

    MMA Fight Night - Saturday July 14th 2012

Doors open at 18:30 - !! Separate Tickets Required !!

This event is held in conjunction with a different promoter and is ticketed separately to the Wales' Strongest Man and Wales' Strongest Woman events.

  • 12 fight card including 2 British Champions and 2 Welsh Champions
  • Fully licensed bar and VIP area

For more information see the Celtic Battle Website

Wales' Strongest Woman -  Sunday 15th July

Doors open to the public at 10am


  • Event 1: Citroen Nemo van pull with harness x 20m- 75 second time limit. Head-to-head.
  • Event 2: 16" Max Axle DL, starting weight of 110kg, last woman standing, nominate your lifts. No suits. straps allowed.
  • Event 3: Yoke and farmers medley, 170kg yoke x 20m then 55kg farmers x 20m.- Time limit of 75s, head to head.
  • Event 4: 40kg log for reps, all lifts floor to overhead. Time limit 75s. Head to head
  • Event 5: Loading Medley, 55kg keg from 8m, 65kg keg from 5m, 70kg sack from 2m, 80kg stone all loaded onto a flatbed. Time limit 75secs. No tacky on the kegs or sack but if you want to tacky up for the stone you can.


Wales Strongest Man U90kg


  • Event 1: Double Citroen Nemo van pull with harness (old WSM style) x 20m 75 second time limit
  • Event 2: 16" Axle DL 240kg for reps Maximum reps in 60s, no suits, straps allowed. Head-to-head.
  • Event 3: Continuous overhead medley.
    65kg keg, then 85kg block, then 55kg DB back to the 65kg keg and so on until time of 60s is up. All lifts floor to overhead.
  • Event 4: Flip and Carry Medley, flip a 300kg tyre x3, then carry a 250kg frame x 15m, then carry a 150kg Duckwalk x 15m. Time limit of 75secs, no tacky. Head to head.
  • Event 5: Atlas stone over yoke 120kg atlas stone over a 54" yoke for reps. Time limit 75s, tacky allowed.

Top 2 qualify for BSM and also the winner qualifies for Europe strongest man.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Full Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament featuring many heavy-weight competitors from around the world.

Special Guests!!

Bodybuilding guest posers including 10 times Mr. Wales Aleks Georgijev aka Hawk from Gladiators, Gary Lister and David Titterton, both former Amateur Mr. Universe.

We also have former Welsh International Women's Rugby Player Non Evans MBE, Pro Bodybuilder Martin Stevenson and Fitness Model Morgan Lees.

Food, Drinks, Rides and other family entertainment

As with our prior event we will have a large selection of food, drinks and stalls at the event, we will also have a full-size outdoor fairground for kids of all ages.

Citroën will have their full range of cars on display at the event along with the current Citroën Rally car.

Radio CarmarthenshireScarlet FM

Radio Carmarthenshire will be presenting an outdoor broadcast live from our event all day on Saturday 14th of July!

Details are subject to change.