Competitor Anthony Griffiths

Anthony Griffiths is the current holder of Wales' Strongest Man 2012 (Under 105kg) which he won at our charity event in March. He is now competing for the opens title at Wales' Strongest Man 2012.

Strongman Profile

Anthony Griffiths - Competitor at Wales' Strongest Man 2012 and current holder of the under 105kg title of Wales' Strongest Man

Name: Anthony Griffiths
Age: 27
Weight: Approx. 105kg
From: Rhondda
Favourite Event: Log Press, Atlas Stones, Deadlifts
Least Favourite Event: Yoke
Titles and Acheivements:
  • Won Wales' Strongest Man 2012 (Under 105kg)
Deadlift: 330kg
Squat: 290kg
Overhead Press: 160kg