Jamie Leigh Redwood

Two times former Wales' Strongest Man, Jamie Leigh Redwood is competing at Wales' Strongest Man 2012.

Jamie competed in Britains Strongest Man in 2008 and was also a "Mighty Midlander" finalist and 3rd in Pantiles Strength Competition beaten only by Terry Hollands and Olly Thompson.He is also an ex-premiership Rugby Player.

Strongman Profile

Jamie Leigh Redwood will be competing at Celtic Carnage 2012

Name: Jamie Leigh Redwood
Age: 31
Weight: 159Kg (25 Stone)
From: Rhondda Valleys
Favourite Event: Atlas Stones
Least Favourite Event: None of them... loves them all!
Deadlift: 370kg
Squat: 350kg
Overhead Press: 170kg (Seated, Strict form)
Yoke: 20m with 440kg
Atlas Stones: 189kg x3