Competitor Mark Jeanes

Mark Jeanes will be competing at Wales' Strongest Man 2012, Mark is one of the youngest competitors in the opens group.

Strongman Profile

Mark Jeanes - Competitor at Celtic Carnage 2012 and Wales' Strongest Man 2012

Name: Mark Jeanes
Age: 24
Weight: Approx. 135Kg
From: Bridgend
Favourite Event: Yoke, Farmers Walk, Atlas Stones
Least Favourite Event: Log Press
Titles and Acheivements:
  • Krunchmaina over 95kg
  • Swindons strongestman intermediate
  • Celtic carnage 2012
  • Naturals southerns qualifier
Deadlift: 300kg (Raw)
Squat: 220kg
Bench Press: 170kg