Competitor Rob Bush

Rob Bush is competing for the title of Wales' Strongest Man 2012. Rob is a seasoned Strongman with many big competitions under his belt. Rob is a Graphic Designer in his "other life".

Strongman Profile

Rob Bush - Competitor at Wales' Strongest Man 2012

Name: Rob Bush
Age: 33
Weight: Approx. 120kg
From: Cardiff
Favourite Event:  
Least Favourite Event:  
Titles and Acheivements:

Rob has competed at:

Severn Valley Novice Strongman 2009
Swindon's Strongest Man Novice 2009
Wales' Strongest Man 2010
Wales' Strongest Man 2011
Celtic Carnage 2012

Deadlift: 320kg (Raw)
Squat: 270kg (Raw)
Bench Press: 210kg (Raw)